Riece Fields          The moods of nature have been my primary concern. But I do not wish to portray them in a literal fashion. By working and experimenting with various media, I attempt to capture the essence of the natural subject I am depicting. And so the interplay between  what I see before me, and my desire to paint the scene in a more creative, semi-abstract way is my challenge.

          I must say, my method of painting in the summer is somewhat different from the work I do in winter. In summer I occasionally paint outside on location (plein air), but in the winter I prefer to paint in a more imaginative manner - sometimes ruining a picture in a desire to experiment and take risks with my method of layering paint and materials. In these artworks I endeavor to create a mood (or even a mystery) which will encourage the viewer to participate along with me in the creative process.

          But whether the work is done inside or out, and whether the medium is oil, watercolor or mixed media, my subject matter is always the same, which is the world around me - woods and flowers, scenes along the Delaware-Raritan canal towpath where I walk each day, and memories of my childhood farmland. These are the things I love - and, am trusting will be preserved forever.



"Rice Fields", oil on canvas, 36x36", Sold